22 October

Shu-min Huang

How a Cultural Anthropologist Understands the Food Culture

Dean and Distinguished Professor, Institute of Anthropology, National Tsing Hua University

Ph.D. 1977, Michigan State University
M.A. 1973, Michigan State University
B.A. 1967, National Taiwan University

Southwest China, Taiwan, Northern Thailand, Fujian, Hong Kong

Ecological Anthropology, Sustainable Agriculture, Medical Anthropology, Land Reform & Community Development

2014-2018 科技部獎助人文行遠專書寫作計畫:「雙湖記:雲南高原湖泊的生態改變與發展」
2015-2017 中研院永續科學中心主題研究計畫「人類世的永續發展:臺灣都會生活的變遷」
2015.4 中華民國總統科學獎
2010 Elected Academician, Academia Sinica.

2021b《借土養命:從雲南到金三角,從毒品到永續農業—一個泰北華人社區的民族誌》(Barrowed land for sustaining life: From Yunnan to the Golden Triangle, from Drugs to Sustainable Agriculture—A Chinese Community in Northern Thailand.) Taipei: Chunshan Publications.(ISBN 978-626-95242-2-8 平裝)

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